All of us can point to parts of culture we enjoy and other examples that we do not.  Sometimes a church culture can make the word "Christian" into an adjective.  And maybe you have seen this with really cheesy Christian bumper stickers, Christian music, Christian movies, etc.  "Christian" can be a great noun but a horrible adjective. Therefore, at Rhythm, we believe artistic expressions of culture shouldn’t be seen as sacred or secular, but rather distinguished by what is good, true, and beautiful or what is not. In our church, we integrate movie clips, all types of musicians, art pieces, and other media into sermons to further engage our culture with the message of Christ.

We think Christians should not be “of” culture by blending in and losing their unique identity. We have also seen far too many Christians who are simply “against” culture and have lost any relevance. Others are so “above” culture that they lose any earthly good. We will strive to be “for” the culture, in order to engage and transform it.

Christians should be able to celebrate what we view as the best and most beautiful parts of culture.

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