Rhythm Church has awesome worship music! We see worship as something we can celebrate on Sundays and something we live each day. If you are a musician and interested in playing with us, please contact us.

Our Arts Ministry called Mosaic is intended for artists that use painting, sculpture, drama, music, dance, film, photography, poetry, graphic-design, or architecture. We will have regular occurring events such as art galleries in our gathering space, art contests, talent shows, and film nights. We will also attend other art events in the area such the symphony, ballet, jazz, opera, plays, art galleries, etc. Contact us for details if you are an artist or know other artists.

N.T. Wright writes, "But the Christian imagination - shrunken and starved throughout the long winter of secularism - needs to be awakened, enlivened and pointed in the right direction...Christians needs to sense permission, from God and from one another, to exercise their imaginations in thinking ahead into God's new world and into such fresh forms of worship and service as will model and embody aspects of it. We need to have this imagination energized, fed and nourished, so that it is lively and inventive, not sluggishly going around in small circles of a few ideas learned long ago...

Genuine art is thus itself a response to the beauty of creation, which itself is a pointer to the beauty of God.  The beauty of creation, to which art responds and tries to express, imitate, and highlight, is not simply beauty which it possesses in itself but the beauty which it possesses in view of what is promised to it... If Christian artists can glimpse this truth, there is a way forward to celebrating beauty, to loving God with all the soul, without lapsing into pantheism on the one hand or harsh, negative 'realism' on the other. Art at its best draws attention not only to the way things are, but to the way things are meant to be."

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